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Pets Supplies and Gifts for Pet Lovers

Contributed by Emily Watson

Most pet enthusiasts could easily name off ten breeds of dogs, as well as give you their personalities, but can they do the same thing to cats? The sad truth is, cat breeds don’t get enough recognition unless you’re a die-hard cat lover like I am.

In truth, cats have a diverse selection of breeds, just like dogs do. And each breed has their own personality. If you’re thinking about getting a cat, you should touch up on the many breeds out there before you make your choice. Here are 10 purrfect breeds to check out.

#1 Manx

Manx Cat | Pet QuestThe Manx is fluffy, friendly, and great if you’re a parent! They’ll play with your kids and even act as their protector. Their tails are unique, too, being either short or long and luscious. If you’re looking for a beautiful and lovely cat, why not pick a Manx?






#2 Siamese

Siamese Cat | Pet QuestDon’t let Lady and the Tramp deceive you; these cats are sweet and are curious in all the right places. Siamese cats are sociable, and have piercing blue eyes that you can’t resist. So if you’re looking for a cat that will be set apart from all the other cats, why not pick a Siamese?




#3 Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Cat | Pet QuestDespite its name, this cat is fuzzy, with a face of an owl. For those looking for a chiller cat, the exotic shorthair has you covered. They’ll cuddle on your lap after a day of unwinding, and they’ll follow you around like a puppy. They’re a bit less sociable towards children and strangers, but perfect if you’re looking for a cuddly cat that’s low maintenance.



#4 Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cat | Pet QuestA ragdoll is great no matter what your living situation is. If you live in an apartment, the ragdoll is quite easygoing, but can reserve time to be played with. If you have kids, the ragdoll will be friendly towards them. A ragdoll will even love a dog, if you have one. Besides being irresistibly cute, this cat is great for everyone.




#5 Persian

Blue Persian Cat | Pet QuestLooking for a cute and quiet kitty? Why not go with a Persian? While not exactly the most sociable cat, a Persian keeps to itself, which is perfect if you’re busy, and sports a fluffy, beautiful coat. The coat will require grooming, so if you like to groom your cat, a Persian is the cat that’s right for you.


#6 Ginger Tabby

Ginger Tabby Cat | Pet QuestWhen we think of orange-colored tabby cats, we typically think of Garfield, a cat who’s lazy and loves to sleep in their cat bed. For actual ginger tabbies, this is true. Typically male, an orange tabby will laze around your house, wanting rubs from its owner. If you’re looking for an adorably lazy cat, you can’t go wrong with the ginger tabby.



#7 Sphynx

Sphynx Cat | Pet QuestThis cat is lacking in hair, but it makes up for it in friendliness! The sphynx always wants your attention, and will greet you the second you get out of bed. While it’s not the best breed for children or for other pets, as it craves attention, it’s great if you’re riding solo. Plus, not having hair means no grooming required, and it’s a great cat for those who have allergies!


#8 Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat | Pet QuestThe Maine Coon, primarily raised as a farm cat, is well-suited if you have active children. Even if you don’t, the Maine Coon is still friendly, has the appearance of a fluffy raccoon, and is always ready to exercise.

Best of all, the Maine Coon loves water. Don’t be surprised if the cat joins you while you take a bath!









#9 Burmese

Burmese Cat | Pet QuestThis is for the cat owners who want the ultimate attention seeker. The Burmese, a sweet black cat, will be meowing your head off and wanting playtime no matter what you’re doing. Great for kids, and also for other pets, too. Having other animals around the house will keep it company while you’re gone, guaranteed!



#10 Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex Cat | Pet QuestFinally, we have another cat that’s good for any household. The Selkirk Rex, sporting a curly, silky coat, is patient and will accept most living situations. While not built for overly-aggressive play, the Selkirk Rex will want attention, so make sure to give it lots of cat toys and make time for play.



If I had it my way, I’d list all cat breeds in this article, but I only had room for 10. For those who are starting their cat collection, finding the ideal breed is good for first-timers. So do your research and find that perfect cat!

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