SitStay Mesh Working Dog Kits
SitStay Mesh Working Dog Kits

When you are trying to determine how much exercise your dog should get you need to take into consideration the breed and age of the dog. Dogs in their adult years (usually between one and six years of age) require more exercise than dogs that are older. Also, dogs that belong to the working, herding, sporting, and terrier dog groups require more exercise than a low energy family dog. To know how much exercise a dog will need you need to do your research before getting the dog.

Most adult dogs, for example, will benefit from a thirty-minute run or a brisk one-hour walk daily. But this varies among dogs depending on what they were originally bred for, their age and their condition. For instance, a Border Collie that is about two years old may require a brisk run in the morning coupled with a brisk walk in the afternoon. On the other hand, your ten-year-old Poodle may only need a leisurely stroll around the block.

Puppies are different in their exercise needs. While they are growing up it is important to limit the puppy's exercise. Puppies are prone to getting bone damage when they are exercised too much as they are growing up. It is best to keep their exercising down to a minimum until they are around twelve to fourteen months old.

Senior dogs can also present a problem as they age. Your best course of action here is to consult with your veterinarian before putting the dog on an exercise regimen. This also goes for dogs that are prone to health issues.

Before settling down for the night check to see if your dog seems to be a bit edgy. If he is you might have to take him out to the park for an hour to burn off any excess energy that he may have. Or play fetch in the backyard if you have a yard.

Soos Pets - Dead Sea Spa Products for Pets
Soos Pets - Dead Sea Spa Products for Pets

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