Canadian Labrador Puppy with Piurple Flowers | Pet Quest

Top Ten Cancer Symptoms in Dogs and Cats

Top Ten Cancer Symptoms in Dogs and Cats | Pet Quest

While it looks as though cancer affects greater and greater proportions of people in our society, it is also affecting larger numbers of our pets. It might seem like more pets are affected by cancer than in the past, but the hard numbers tell us we are recognizing and diagnosing the condition more…..

The Immune System and Cancer Care for Dogs and Cats

The Immune System & Cancer in Dogs & Cats | Pet Quest

A lowered immune system is one of the most common problems afflicting today’s dogs and cats. The condition is often manifested through skin allergies, sensitivities, compromised ability to fight off infections, and cancer. Cancer is perhaps the best reflection of lowered…..

Using Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Flea and Tick Control

Using Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Flea and Tick Control | Pet Quest

There’s a new product around. Well, not entirely. This product has been around for quite a while. Only thing is that pet parents haven’t heard about it. And those who do know about it swear that it works wonders. I’m talking about Diatomaceous Earth (DE to the industrial techies). What does it do? It…..

Cancer In Dogs and Cats: Herbal Supplements Can Help

Cancer In Dogs and Cats - Herbal Supplements Can Help | Pet Quest

The condition of cancer in dogs and cats carries special nutritional requirements which are not 100% known. What we know is that a pet with cancer will undergo many physical changes as the body responds to the cancer. Without intervention, including herbal supplementation, a pet will experience drastic muscle wasting and often significant…..

Roundworms in Dogs and Cats

Roundworms in Cats and Dogs | Pet Quest

Roundworms are nasty parasites that are transmitted through fecal-contaminated soil and water to all living animals as well as humans. It lives in hosts of all ages which makes it a really serious problem for young pets and our children. The good news is that roundworms can be avoided with a monthly preventative. They are also easily…..

Gastrointestinal Parasites In Dogs: Prevention and Treatment

GI Parasites | Pet Quest

Gastrointestinal parasites, which can make you and your pets sick, are an all too common health issue with our pets. Whenever you notice or suspect that your dog or cat is infested with parasites you need to take immediate action as these types of parasites can kill…..

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