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Coping With the Loss of a Family Pet

Coping with the Loss of a Family Pet | Pet Quest

There aren’t many kinds of animal that have a lifespan as long as that of humans. For pet owners, that means we have to learn to say goodbye to loyal companions, sometimes many times over the course of our lives. Even if we first experience this pain as children, for some of us it doesn’t seem to get easier. There are ways to cope, and one of them is to accept that grieving is something that has to happen, and that it takes time. Guilt Sometimes, feelings of guilt make things harder. This guilt can arise from wondering whether we should be quite so upset by the death of a pet, when perhaps the loss of a family member didn’t seem to hurt so much. In reality, though, our pets are always there for us, and usually completely dependent on us. The bond we have with them is uncomplicated by the issues that affect our family relationships. Memories It’s helpful to try to remember, if …

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