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Our Mission

Pet Quest is a dedicated group of people with one goal in mind: "To give pet owners the information that they seek to be better pet parents." Our purpose is to gather the best information about caring for your pet(s). This means that we cover everything from general care to health, nutrition, training, and breed-specific information relative to your breed of pet.

Our Story

The idea of Pet Quest came about because of a traumatic period in my life. The loss of my four-legged companion of twenty years. Her name was Midnight.

Within a couple of months of her passing I started looking for a new companion but I was feeling guilty that she might think that I was abandoning her. So to show how much I appreciated the time that we had together, and to share all the knowledge and information that I gained from having her, I began this site in dedication to her. You can read her memorial in the memorial section if you would like to meet her.

While searching for another companion I met with many potential pet foster parents and the dogs they were taking care of. That is how I met Noah Singer and Ryan Ferguson who shared my vision of a dedicated site for pet owners. And that is when Pet Quest started in December of 2014.

Meet the Team

Between the three of us we are Pet Quest. We are three people with one goal in mind. To share our experiences and information about caring for our pets.

Roger T. Duquette

Founder & Chief Editor

Roger is a dedicated dog person who worked as a veterinary assistant for ten years in Montreal, Quebec. Having been raised around animals as a child he became interested in training and animal psychology and is constantly reading articles on the topic. In 2001 he and Midnight took a walk in early fall and ended up in Ottawa. Six years later they took another walk and that time ended up in Kingston, Ontario where he currently lives with his newest companion Benjamin Franklin an Australian Shepherd/Daschund mix.

Noah Aaron Singer


Noah Aaron Singer is a dedicated dog walker and animal therapist. He also does reviews of businesses in the pet industry for various magazines and government departments. He is also a volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross and spends long periods in other countries helping with disaster relief and helping to reunite pets with their owners. He currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario and has twelve dogs all living on a 200 acre farm with his wife of twenty years and their four children.

Ryan Ferguson


Ryan Ferguson is the new guy to the group joining in May of 2016. He lives in Kingston, Ontario and is an experienced dog groomer and walker. He is also a volunteer inspector for various humane society kennels as well as a humanitarian volunteer dealing with human rights and animal welfare concerns. He is married to his wife Julia of five years and has two adorable boys, Ryan Jr. (3) and Ethan (1). They have three corgis and also have 9 other dogs that they provide foster care to.

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